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Thank you for choosing Bikesdirect.com Bikesdirect.com has been selling high quality bicycles on the internet for over 20 years. Longer than many bike shops near you We believe in bringing you the best deals possible - some are almost unbelievable!

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Over 20 years ago, Dr. Mike Spratt, a college professor, decided to combine his interest in bicycles, computers, and the internet into bikesdirect. Since then, over 100,000 cyclists have chosen to save on high grade bikes by purchasing from us. The model of low-cost, high-volume, direct sales of bicycles via the web has worked well enough that many other sites have emulated bikesdirect. We are all very happy when cyclists get a great value of a bike that they can enjoy, no matter who they purchase from.

General Questions: For general questions about your order, tech support, shipping status please email us through this page

Returns: Please email bikesdirectservice@gmail.com for proper return shipping information before sending back items

Warranty Claims within 30 Days: 
Please email bikesdirectservice@gmail.com for proper warranty claims procedures
Claims After 30 Days from Purchase date: Are handled by the manufacturer of the item in question.
For example, contact Rockshox.com for a SID fork or Shimano.com for Ultegra shifter or SRAM.com for Rival derailleur.

Note: Bent or Wear and tear parts like chains, bearings, wires, tubes, tires, paint/decals, crossed/stripped threads on cranks, pedals etc and broken derailleur hangers are not covered by warranty as these are user/maintenance issues. Cosmetic issues are not covered such as stains, scratches, chips, tears etc. Damages due to impact, accident, road/trail hazards are not covered.
At their option, some manufacturers may require the whole bicycle be submitted for warranty inspection.

Did Not get a reply? If you don't get a reply to your question within 24 hours, make sure it is not a weekend or holiday.
Please check your spam filters/folders and make sure our replies are not being blocked and then send us an email at bd4alternative@yahoo.com

You may also send us a fax at 904-249-3987

We are sure you will get many years of pleasure from your bike!

A message from our CEO and founder: I am very proud and happy that bikesdirect can offer a large selection of name brand high grade bikes at super prices. Our business design of low cost, low margin, high volume sales backed up by excellent web-based service has proven to satisfy the needs of thousands of cyclists. We have been able to make improvements in our system every year often based on the input of customers. Please feel free to send your ideas and comments to bikesdirectbikes@aol.com or post them on the popular cycling forums roadbikereview.com, mtbr.com or bikeforums.net. I visit and post on these forums every week and I suggest they are a great place to see assorted different views on cycling issues.
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Dr Mike Spratt CEO and Founder of BikesDirect.com

Factory Warranties Included With Every Bike
We are authorized dealers for every bike we sell. Every bicycle you purchase from Bikesdirect.com comes with the Factory Warranty. If you have any questions, the answers might be found easily. Please check our FAQ page (at THIS Link) then contact our service department at bikesdirectservice@gmail.com. They will be happy to assist you.